Managing Conflict through “Rules of Engagement”    shutterstock_257196259

To create a results based organization you must invite all of the insights and wisdom of your Team to meet at the table of competing ideas.  But in that very invitation you often sow the seeds of conflict.  In the Perilous Land of Right, an article written by our CEO, Tom outlined the difficulties of connecting our ideas with our egos.  How and why we manifest our competitiveness often leads to unproductive and even toxic work environments.  The goal for good leaders is to preserve creativity and diminish exposure to personal ego injury by enforce rules that have been established in a session for that purpose.

Leaders must build safe environments for open dialogue and creative problem solving.  The best, first step to reduce conflict is to build your group norms that make it safe to disagree while respecting the differing opinions of others.  There are no wrong ideas in a positive, supportive environment. Every idea is an orphan until adopted by the Team.

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