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“Affirmational Leadership is a discipline that enables leaders to access the hidden energy within themselves and those they lead.”


The Tenants of being an Affirmational Leader:

  • Know and affirm yourself.

  • Inspire through visionary exchange.

  • Involve your Team in the decision making process.

  • Discover and affirm the positive characteristics and talents of all who look to you as a leader. 

  • Improve performance through appreciative inquiry rather than judgments.

  • Build Cultures of pride.

  • Continually open yourself up to teachable moments.

Thousands of books and articles have been published on the subject of leadership, yet the topic is still something of a mystery to those who have been thrust into positions of authority.  This is because that which makes a leader is, authority; and that which makes leadership is behavior. Because of this ongoing natural confusion, we tend to look to examples of leadership in history or examine the characteristics of accomplished leaders. While the search is helpful, most are still unsatisfied and continue searching for something more on the subject.

Leadership does not fit neatly into a box, because it is a philosophy that turns a way of thinking into a way of acting that magnetically attracts.

              Wikipedia on leadership:

              “… a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task

Because circumstance and situation often prescribe the varying characteristics of good leadership, the definition is often-times as difficult to find as the Higgs Bozon.  During a crisis we are drawn to leaders with clear direction.  Alternatively, when the crisis passes, we often discard commanding leaders for those that can bring harmony and stability.

Sometimes we identify leadership as the ability to find successful strategies.  Once again such a path does little to define leadership. Strategic thinking is a fantastic gift but has little to do with leadership.  The very best strategies are of little use unless forwarded by an individual that has mastered the art of leadership.

The Tenants of Affimational Leadership are not about the various styles or wisdom of leaders.  The Tenants work for all leader styles and all intellects.  No matter your capacity for strategic thinking or your preferred leader style, the Tenants when applied, with discipline, will improve your ability to inspire and motivate.

The following programs are designed around and support the seven Tenants of Affirmational Leadership.


Affirmational Leadership Consulting LLC Areas of Service:

Facilitating by Objectives

Motivational Team Building

Coaching from Top to Bottom

Make-over for the Employee that is so Good… yet, so Bad

Interviewing & Selection based on Behaviors

Solving the Workplace Trust Equation

“For Cause” Board Development

The seven Tenants of Affirmational Leadership

Decision Making, that brings Everyone Along

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